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Welcome to The Relaxation Station, one of Louisville's Top Rated Establishments!

6019 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY 40219
(502) 964-2922

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UPDATED 5/8/2023


Tired of going to the same spot and getting the same tired treatment from ladies who treat you like a revolving door instead of a paying customer? Tired of going to these places and feeling dirty or less than safe? And most of all, are you tired of going to visit an establishment and getting thrown into some drama that you didn't ask for or being treated poorly just because they are having a bad day?

Are you ready to visit an establishent where the ladies are friendly and eager to spend time with you? Want to go to a place where you feel appreciated and welcome? Want to go to a place where our ladies are trained to lift each other up instead of spreading gossip about other providers?

Look no further because The Relaxation Station is the answer you are looking for. Not only are our ladies excited to see you, we treat you like the paying client you deserve to be. Happy providers makes for better sessions! We love to see clients who love to see us!

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