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Relaxation Sessions

What is a relaxation session?
A relaxation session is generally therapeutic in nature and necessary as the human body needs touch. It is NOT a massage. It is not intended to fix anything in terms of muscular issues. It is a light touch session in a relaxing and fun atmosphere with a lady ready to cater to you and help you handle your stress. THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE CONFUSED WITH A MEDICAL ENVIRONMENT!

Please understand that each provider is different in the way they provide their services. Nobody is expected to do anything beyond what is advertised. Prostitution or sexual services are illegal in nature and should be taken into consideration before paying for your session. If you like your provider and feel that person has satisfied your needs, tipping is appreciated. Paying is a term to this agreement. Once payment is received, there are NO REFUNDS!

Please respect us as we respect you. Do not stalk us, harass us, or disrespect us in any way or you will be subject to being removed from the premises and blacklisted. 
Each individual here is an independent contractor and do not solely represent the whole of "The Relaxation Station".  The best way to avoid disappointment is to have no expectations. Be cautious of reviews and online gossip (for ANY provider or establishment), as they are often fake, written by fellow providers, or by an unruly client who had unrealistic expectations. The best way to gain perspective on a provider is to see them yourself and make your own experience. No two experiences are the same with any provider and experience is often based on attitude, perception, and how you treat your provider.  

The Relaxation Station is an equal employment establishment. We have a wide variety and diverse group. We do not discriminate based on age, sexuality, race, religion, or any other discrimination division. If you have questions about a provider, ASK! We try to accomodate everyone's preferences!

Rude or hateful reviews due to discrimination against a provider for who they are instead of what the experience was says more about YOU than about THEM! You have the right, responsibility, and ability to speak to your provider privately before paying and ask questions. Going forth with a session is a CHOICE, we do not force you to stay.

The Relaxation Station 5818 has been and always will be an all-inclusive environment. If inclusion doesn't sit right with your spirit, this establishment is not for you. We are a hate free non-judgemental zone.

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